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Our Mission

     To offer aromatic home experiences that help you savor the present moment and support your wellness journey.

Our Vision

Our Vision

         We strive to help enhance the well-being of communities all over the world through our natural scented oil products. Our mission and vision coincide with the United Nations’ guiding Goal 3, Good Health and Well-Being.


We Value




Freedom to be



Our Aim 

To support you in your scented quest to find your Essence & Serenity.

A poem speaks a thousand words, so we wrote one for you to have a deeper understanding of our aim.

Essence and Serenity

The freedom to be

Self-aware of our thoughts

Engaged aromatically.

To be present at all times

And listen with our third ear,

And connect authentically

With each scent that appears.


To find joy in stillness,

Clarity in silence,

Fulfillment in simple pleasures,

In nature’s wondrous sea.

Breathing in its soothing scents,

And hearing its calming sounds

We all can become one with nature

Ever so euphorically.

To see reality as it is

And to refrain from expectations

We aim to shine a light

So that others can see

Reflecting love, acceptance, and grace

Steering away from the darkness

To do good, to be temperate

And share wisdom and positivity

Lastly, to weather all the storms

And surrender to life lessons,

Whether they be good or bad

As it was intended to be

Unattached to either outcome

Is what We seek in our journey,

To find joy, to find light

To find Essence and Serenity


Maréfleur by Essence & Sérénité Family

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