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Chakra du 3ème Oeil | Third Eye Chakra 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend

  • Chakra du 3ème Oeil  

    (Third Eye Chakra | Visioning)


    Unveil Chakra du Troisième Œil or Third Eye Chakra, a perceptive essential oil blend crafted to enhance wisdom and ignite your intuitive abilities. This insightful synergy unites the purifying essence of Juniper, the invigorating power of Rosemary, and the restorative properties of Helichrysum.


    Connect with the expansive energy of third Eye Chakra, symbolized by the color indigo and the element Mind. Let the resonant sound of KSHAM and the clarifying properties of minerals like Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, and Sugilite guide your practice. Diffuse Chakra du Troisième Œil in your personal sanctuary to transcend limitations, foster a broader perspective, and awaken your inner vision.

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