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Menthe Poivrée | Peppermint 100% Pure Essential Oil

  • Menthe Poivrée

    (Peppermint | Mant)


    A distinct, sharp aroma that brightens the environment around you with its stimulating fragrance.


    This edgy, cooling fragrance is a breeze of fresh splash to get your day started. The minty base invigorates your spirits and takes you closer to a fresh start while the sharp coolness relieves your mind.


    Whether you're embarking on a meditation journey or a self-healing journey, Peppermint can be your best companion that keeps your spirit heightened, maneuvering you through your journey.


    Menthe Poivrée is a breath of fresh air to get your mind in a state of serenity.


    Wait no more and get your hands on Menthe Poivrée to kickstart your self-healing journey.

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