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Vase d'Arôme White Ceramic Diffuser with Vent Marin Oil | Replenishing Set

  • Vase D'Arôme no. 1  White Ceramic Diffuser & Vent Marin (Sea Breeze) 100% Natural Essential Oil Blend


    Replenish with the duo Vase d’Arôme no. 1 & Vent Marin essential oil Blend. Explore the inner-depth with this sea breeze essential oil blend- a scent that meets the ocean. Warm fuzzy scents of Patchouli, alongside sweet & freshening Camomile,  Vent Marin oil blend, with the help of our Vase d’Arôme no. 1 ceramic essential oil diffuser, sets your home in a calming mood to facilitate your journey within. 

    This exotic essence gives you deep serenity with its composition resembling the sea air. Just place your diffuser by your desk or bedroom, and comfortably ease into your couch as you breathe Vent Marin replenishing oil scent. Gift yourself or someone you care about the Duo Vase d’Arôme no.1 &  Vent Marin Essential Oil blend.


    Order your gift set now.

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