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Vase d'Arôme Rose Ceramic Diffuser with Coin Tranquille Oil | Comforting Set

  • Vase D'Arôme no. 1  Rose Ceramic Diffuser & Coin Tranquille (Tranquil Zone) 100% Natural Essential Oil Blend

    This comforting duo set of Vase d’Arôme no. 1 & Coin Tranquille essential oil blend creates a deep serene home ambiance to help you savor the present moment and facilitate your travel within. ThisTranquil zone oil blend is a unique fusion of Ylang-Ylang, Lavender, and Sage. Ylang-Ylang’s light and sweet aroma marry the calming floral scent of Lavender to make for a heavenly experience complemented by Sage’s green, earthy and fruity scent. Gift yourself or someone you care about the Duo Vase d’Arôme no.1 &  Coin Tranquille Essential Oil blend.


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