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Vase d'Arôme Charcoal Ceramic Diffuser with Fraîcheur D'été Oil | Refreshing Set

  • Vase D'Arôme no. 1  CharcoalCeramic Diffuser & Fraîcheur D'été (Cool Summer) 100% Natural Essential Oil Blend


    Experience the duo Vase d’Arôme no.1 & Fraîcheur d’été essential oil blend. The refreshing breeze of this cool summer oil blend when diffused in our Vase d’Arôme no.1 captures you in its embrace, frees your mind, & offers clarity. 


    Fraîcheur d’été essential oil blend with its refreshing combo of scents like Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, & Spearmint is a remarkable combination of calmness, sweetness & freshness that frees you from head to toe with the help of the high diffusion capability of our ceramic essential oil diffuser. Gift yourself or someone you care about the Duo Vase d’Arôme no.1 &  Fraîcheur oil blend.


    Order your gift set now.

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