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3 Ways to Use Essential Oils During Easter at Home

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Considered the biggest holiday of the church calendar, Easter celebrates the rebirth of Christ and essentially the renewal of one’s faith. It symbolizes hope amidst the season of new beginnings, making it the perfect time for some well-deserved rest and reflection.

This year, you can still take in the solemnity of Easter at home by setting your space with relaxing scents that will allow you to enter a deeper sense of clarity and tranquility. Studies show that scents evoke positive feelings when they relate to happy memories, which is among the primary reasons essential oils are steadily becoming a significant part of many households all over the world.

Besides, aromatherapy has opened much safer and natural options to promote inner wellness in every home[1], and over time various methods of using scented essential oils were developed to cater to each person’s preferences, especially since we all have our own ways of observing holidays like Easter.


Create a relaxing scented home atmosphere ideal for your journey to reflection using a diffuser that can easily distribute the calming aroma of essential oils into the air. It is the most popular way of using essential oils, and there are different types available. For safety purposes, do a thorough check on which suits your needs better.

  • Reed - A gentle and beautiful way of filling the space with the calming aroma of your essential oil for a long time.[2]

  • Ultrasonic - It helps provide warmth along with soothing fragrances from your chosen essential oil mixed with distilled water due to its humidifying feature.[2]

  • Oil Burner - This method needs caution in use; before adding the essential oil on a heated plate, drops of water should be placed first to prevent the oil from burning.[3]

  • Room Spray - This allows a concentrated amount of essential oil to quickly soak the air. A significant number of drops is normally advised to be used here.[3]

To make the most out of these diffusion methods, make sure to consult with the manufacturers for the aromatherapy-recommended amount of essential oils necessary.

Scents that can aid you in a successful meditation are the peaceful fragrances of Frankincense and Rose, as well as the sweet and bright aroma of Lemon and Orange.


Many parts of the world take a long break in celebration of Easter, so grab this chance to ease your mind and body by dipping into that pleasant bath or relishing the relaxing drizzle of water all over your body. Infuse aromatherapy in this pursuit to further enhance the experience.

If you enjoy a few moments of a warm bath, mix the essential oil in a base oil, such as sunflower or vegetable, before pouring them into the water. This helps the essential oil to blend in the bathwater and sometimes even adds a moisturizing element to it.[3] This step is also important to prevent skin irritation since mere droplets of undiluted water can cause it.[4]

Meanwhile, if you prefer showers instead, you can put a few drops of essential oil on a damp washcloth and hang them nearby where you can savor its relaxing aroma, but remember not to wash with it.[3]

Feel the spirit of gratitude for moments like this as you breathe in the invigorating scents of Clary Sage and Geranium essential oils.


A more flexible way of using essential oils this Easter is through evaporation. This keeps every item in your house smelling fresh, ready to welcome new life and hope. Simply put your chosen essential oil on cotton pads or balls, leave them to dry, and then place them inside drawers and cabinets.[5] A lavender essential oil can provide the gentle and fresh fragrance you need to complete your Easter celebration at home.

Easter is so much more than chocolates, bunnies, and eggs. It’s about finding meaning in our lives in honor of the ultimate sacrifice He had made. Here at Essence et Sérénité, we wish to give everyone the opportunity to experience a journey towards achieving tranquility in this season of beginnings and self-exploration with the help of the pure essence of our natural scented oils.

No information provided in this article is to treat, cure, or prevent any kinds of illnesses. Please read our full DISCLAIMER.


Posted April 19, 2022, in ESSENTIAL OILS by Essence et Sérénité

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