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Best Essential Oil Scents to Gift Your Mom for Mother's Day

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Mother’s Day is when mothers are made to feel extra special through gifts and treats, such as a relaxing day at the spa, a fancy dinner at a restaurant, or simply a bouquet of flowers and a bunch of chocolates. The children make sure to go the extra mile just to provide mothers the care that they need after all the love and support they have given. So, on this special day, what could be the perfect gift that you can give your mom?

Being a mother is evidently a full-time job that, although immensely fulfilling, often comes with no days off and vacation breaks. Therefore, it’s important to let them insert their most-needed relaxing rest into their daily routine at home. It’s no surprise that aromatherapy has caught the interest of family matriarchs, and this could be one of the best gifts you can give her on Mother’s Day. Moreover, research has shown that adult women are more likely to use essential oils to improve their quality of life.

There are many kinds of essential oils available on the market. Now, you need to know how to choose the best essential oil for your mother. Here are some natural essential oils that you can choose from:

Best essential oil scents for mom

Frankincense Oil

The woody, spicy, and citrusy scent of our scent of the month, Frankincense essential oil, can give your mother calmness and clarity in mind, especially when there are important decisions needed to be made. Frankincense oil is also among the best essential oils for its ability to inspire deep reflection which would be good to aid in her spiritual healing.

Lavender Oil

Being known as the most versatile essential oil, Lavender definitely deserves a top spot on this list. Its sweet, gentle fragrance allows you to create a serene atmosphere at home that can help lull your mother into a sense of peace and comfort after a long day both at work and at home.

It’s also good for new mothers, who have just started a new, exciting chapter in their life. A lavender essential oil can be helpful in balancing emotions and eliciting a peaceful sleep and relaxation.

Clary Sage Oil

Let her be free to express herself. Help her bring out her creativity as she breathes in the warm, floral, and fruity fragrance of Clary Sage essential oil. This aromatic essential oil will allow all the ideas and imagination to flow which can also be a step forward in her journey towards self-discovery. The newfound vibrance in your mother would also put a smile on your face.

Lemon Oil

Having a bright, fresh home would always make any mother the happiest. You can now help provide this kind of atmosphere when you use Lemon essential oil at home, particularly in the spaces where your family spends the most time together such as the living room. Give her that invigorating essence when you choose the refreshing, clean, and citrus aroma of Lemon oil, so she can always kick-start her day with a pleasing attitude.

Geranium Oil

If there is something that your mother has always wanted to try, you can help give her the boost of confidence that she needs through the help of the herbaceous, sweet, floral, and fruity fragrance of Geranium essential oil. A flower blooming in spring, Geranium symbolizes new beginnings and can be the best essential oil that may serve as great inspiration for mothers to push through with new endeavors in life. After all, nothing is ever too late in life.

Neroli Oil

If Geranium oils give the right push to starting something new, Neroli essential oil’s exotic floral and citrus combination will help keep your mother’s focus and positive outlook in the future. It would be easy to get distracted and disheartened if anything doesn’t come her way, but inhaling Neroli essential oil’s sweet aroma may support her in making peace with her emotions and encourage her to keep exploring opportunities.

Knowing how to choose the best essential oil to give your mom on Mother’s Day would still boil down to what she currently needs. They have always been the ones taking care of us, so on this special day, or even in the succeeding days, we must do our part and take care of her instead this time around. You can start doing it on their special day and continue appreciating them for the rest of their life in many, different ways. Your care and love will always be the perfect gift you can give them, anyway.

Show how much you appreciate your mother through the peaceful and relaxing scents flowing from our special essential oils which are all crafted with care and love. Matching it with a pleasing, elegant touch to her home would be an excellent bonus to achieving an aromatic experience. To top it off, we are providing a special discount that you can avail of if you subscribe to our newsletter. You may visit our shop to know-how, and let Essence et Sérénité help you choose the best essential oil for your mother.

No information provided in this article is to treat, cure, or prevent any kinds of illnesses. Please read our full DISCLAIMER.

Posted May 3, 2022, in ESSENTIAL OILS by Essence et Sérénité

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