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Home Aromatherapy: Perfect Natural Scents For Every Room

Introducing essential oil scents into your home is the perfect way to create a natural, inviting space for yourself. Each scent has its own properties and uses that make it perfect for placement in various spaces throughout your home. It can take time to experiment and find the scents perfect for you, but here are some suggestions to get you started.

The Bedroom

Your bedroom is your home, your getaway, your refuge from all the stress of everyday life. By using the right combination of scents, you can start each day bright and alert or fall asleep easily and at peace each night. Furthermore, picking and choosing essential oil scents unique to you can further help you define your space and truly turn your bedroom into your own tranquil oasis.

Sweet citrus scents like lemon and orange can spice up your room with their tangy tones and hints of fruit-filled groves. They’ll help you wake up feeling uplifted, hopeful, and ready to seize the day with a clear and open mind.1 And when it comes time to wind down, there’s nothing quite like lavender’s calming, floral aroma to help alleviate stress along and promote a relaxing atmosphere.2

The Living Space

Welcome guests into your home or set the tone for your day with a choice signature scent in the main living areas. This is another chance to create a truly unique place through the simple use of different aromas.

With its warm, distinct scent, cedarwood can conjure up wild, woodsy visions. Meanwhile, the use of rosemary and basil brings a quiet afternoon in the garden to life. Essential oils offer such a wide selection that even the changing seasons can be a reason to switch scents within your living space. Softer, airy scents have their place in summer but after the cold sets in, ring in the holidays with pine’s evergreen aroma or Frankincense’s sharp, spiced scent.

The Kitchen

Certainly one of the most used and potentially odorous rooms in your home, the kitchen provides a plethora of opportunities for using essential oils. This place is often one that demands to be kept consistently tidy so the use of such scents like lemongrass’s sweet, clean tones or eucalyptus’s sharp, strong scent will promote the image of well-taken care of space. In addition, these oils have been suggested to have antibacterial properties along with peppermint and orange essential oils.3 Beyond making a kitchen smell fresh and bright, these oils may help ensure that your space remains clean and immaculate.

Diffusing the right essential oils in each room can turn your space into a pleasing aromatic home experience.

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Posted January 27, 2022, in ESSENTIAL OILS by Essence et Sérénité

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