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Spotlight on Chrissy Mellinger on her experience with natural oil scents

I'm a totally different person than I used to be.” writes Chrissy Mellinger, certified coach and Reiki practitioner II. For Chrissy, it is important to live an authentic life, and in this Q&A, she shares how essential oils help her achieve a state of wellbeing.

Published with permission of Chrissy Mellinger

Q: What are the most comforting scents that you enjoyed when you were a child?

CM: Honeysuckle, ocean air, freshly mowed grass.

Q: Since then, what are the new pleasing aromas you have discovered?

CM: Lavender. A bergamot blend with amber. Freshly baked bread.

Q: When do you regularly use essential oils?

CM: I use lavender most days in a humidifier to help set the stage of my home as a calming space for myself and my dogs. I use different essential oils if I'm having a headache or sinus issues (as a roller) and a different blend when I'm spending dedicated time creating content for my business.

Q: Can you describe the feeling you experience when you use essential oils?

CM: I feel more grounded and connected to the Universe and myself.

Q: What is your favorite natural scent and why?

CM: Fresh ocean air. It's comforting as the ocean is a safe space for me, has strong childhood/familial ties, and brings in the taste of freedom and never-ending expansion and potential.

If you want to know more about the wonderful work that Chrissy Mellinger does visit her website at

This Q&A creation is a collaboration between Essence et Sérénité and Jean-Claude Louis. Jean-Claude Louis is a Media Communication Specialist based in Canada with interest in aromatherapy, mindfulness and whole health.

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