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Baume du Pérou | Balsam Peru 100% Pure Essential Oil

  • Baume du Pérou

    (Balsam Peru)


    Immerse yourself in the luxurious world of Baume du Pérou (Balsam Peru) essential oil. Our Baume du Pérou oil  is 100% pure and  natural. It is a wonderful addition to your self-development and aromatherapy practices. Savor its rich, sweet, vanilla-like aroma that originates from the protective resin of the tree. As a base perfume note, it imparts a grounding, earthy scent to any blend.


    Embrace the exotic aroma of Baume du Pérou essential oil. Experience both its stimulation and calm aroma during times of stress, creating the perfect balance for personal growth.


    Incorporate this exquisite essential oil into your mindfulness, meditation, or relaxation routines, and elevate your holistic well-being. Let its unique scent inspire your journey towards inner harmony, resilience, and an enhanced aromatherapy experience.

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