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Coin Tranquille | Tranquil Zone | Centering 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend

  • Coin Tranquille

    (Tranquil Zone / Kwen Trankil)


    Our Coin Tranquille essential oil blend is one of our most luxurious scents designed with the utmost intention and care to create a deep serene home ambiance.


    Our blend is made from 100% natural extracts with the best quality ingredients. Coin Tranquille blend will bring to your home waves of fresh, soft and gentle aromas to help you unwind and ease you to a journey of inner exploration. Our soothing blend is a unique fusion of Ylang-Ylang, Lavender, and Sage. Ylang-Ylang’s light and sweet aroma marries the calming floral scent of Lavender to make for a heavenly experience complemented by Sage’s green, earthy and fruity scent. Bringing our Coin Tranquille soothing blend into your home is the best way to turn an ordinary home into a sanctuary of serenity.

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