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Douceur Florale Oil Reed Diffuser Refill | Floral Sweetness Oil Refill

  • Douceur Florale Oil ReedDiffuser Refill

    (Floral Sweetness Oil Reed Diffuser Refill / Flè Dous lwil Difisè Bon Sant 4 FL OZ | 118 ML) 


    Douceur Florale reed diffuser oil is a concentrated 100% natural blend consisting of essential oils and absolutes that have been selected for their ability to move you into a tranquil mood and to create a subtle yet beautiful scent space. Using the finest select essential oils- Clary Sage’s earthy grounding scent fuses, Sandalwood’s balsamic, floral rich, sweet and warm scent along with Mandarin, Neroli and lemon’s citrus sweet smells, this oil effortlessly releases its sweet scent into the air while you relax in your own home.

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