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Eau Douce | Fresh Water | Rebirth 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend

  • Eau Douce

    (Fresh Water / Dlo Dous)


    A breathtaking scent with a splash of freshness.


    Eau Douce essential oil is your go-to on dull days. This magnificent scent helps you set the mood with its soothing scent that has a touch of relaxing fragrances that instantly put you in a cool summer holiday mood. 


    It is what you need after tiring weeks, late nights, & early mornings. The refreshing aroma of Eau Douce essential oil spreads across your space making it your favorite spot to unwind.


    This rejuvenating scent is a mixture of revitalizing aromas like Rose, Jasmine, Amyris, & Coriander Seed. 


    Once diffused, it takes you on a journey of a refreshing river that flows on its own calming route. Eau Douce is an enchanting experience of splashing fresh water on your face and entering an instantly relaxing mode. 

    Lose your senses to Eau Douce’s aroma. Order your essential oil now!

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