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Orange Douce | Sweet Orange 100% Pure Essential Oil

  • Orange Douce

    (Sweet Orange | zoranj dous)


    A fruity scent is always a breath of fresh air. A splash of color is always refreshing amidst nature's green scents. With Orange Douce, experience the zesty fresh notes of orange and change the environment around you altogether!


    Whether you wish to exercise for better health tomorrow or wish to indulge in peaceful yoga for a balanced state of mind, Orange Douce is your gateway to a freeing spirit.


    This rejuvenating scent is everything you need. It reminds you of the summers and the brightness they bring. That’s all you need when indulging in some self-care. Take the sweet aroma with you and live the serene environment to the tee.


    Get your hands on Orange Douce and rejoice in its scintillating fragrance.

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