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Pine & Firs Candle

  • Pine & Firs Candle

    (Noel Cozy | Cozy Christmas)


    Return to the holidays of your childhood when spreading and gathering around a roaring fire was the norm, each holiday with warm chocolate chip cookies, homemade cider and caroling through the snow. Transport yourself to a cozy evergreen forest, where the rustling of trees and the glimmering of snow sparkle in the light of your home's warm glow.


    The Cozy Christmas Candle has a warm, cozy, and spirited scent that blends elements of pine and evergreens with a dash of the vibrant and spicy notes of Cedars to create a holiday favorite. 


    Indulge in the aromatic smoke-like composition of the Cozy Christmas Candle gives out a deep sense that evokes a wintery feel with an unmistakable feeling of renewal. 


    Our soy blend wax, lead-free cotton wick, and fragrant essential oils are the perfect combination for a fun, relaxing and enjoyable experience. Made from the finest materials possible, our 3 wick scented candles with the finest fragrances last up to 45 hours. They look great on any table or mantle. 


    Spruce up your room by lighting this candle for all to bask in its warm glow. These are perfect to light with your loved ones while sitting down and watching a movie or to put on when having friends over for a nice get-together.

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