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Refuge Serein Diffuseur D’Arôme | Serene Refuge Aroma Reed Diffuser

  • Refuge Serein Diffuseur D’Arôme 

    (Serene Refuge Aroma Reed Diffuser / Refij Serin Difisè Bon Sant)


    Set your senses into tranquility with the Refuge Serein Diffuseur D’Arôme. Just like our essential oils, the reed diffuser blend is 100% natural and designed with care to create a soothing scent for a calming atmosphere that invites you to unwind and surrender to the present moment. It is a wonderfully balanced fragrant fusion of Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, Ruby Grapefruit, and Black Pepper essential oils. The result is an harmonious soothing blend that will create a serene home atmosphere.

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