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Vent Marin | Sea Breeze | Replenishing 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend

  • Vent Marin

    (Sea Breeze / Van Lanmè)


    Explore the inner-depth with Vent Marin Essential Oil- a scent that meets the ocean.


    Warm fuzzy scents of Patchouli, alongside sweet & freshening Camomile, sets you in a calming mood. 


    This exotic essence gives you deep serenity with its composition resembling the sea air. Just place it by your desk or bedroom, and comfortably ease into your couch.


    Summers can be scorching and all you need is a natural oil scent that can help you lose contact with reality. Vent Marin is a refreshing ocean scent that lets you reach a state of inner-calmness & lets you enjoy some leisure time without any hindrance. 


    With Vent Marin essential oil, lead comfortable mornings and evenings with yourself. It's like going on a sea that instantly lets you cut ties with all your worries.  


    Go get your Air Marin to experience the depth of the sea by your side.

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