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Voyage Maritime | Sea Travel | Rejuvenating 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend

  • Voyage Maritime

    (Sea Travel / Vwayaj Lanmè)


    What would it feel like to travel by the calming sea in a boat?


    If you’re waiting to experience a vacation-like experience in your home’s comfort, Voyage Maritime Essential Oil is your pick. This scent that combines a contrast of floral Geranium combined with citrusy oranges is bound to take you on a fragrant, easy vacation.


    All you need in summer is a scent that eases you into a journey of rejuvenation. Such is Voyage Maritime which enables you to enter a relaxing vacation mode wherever you are. 


    Lose into the pure serenity of the natural fragrances that let you sail into a new world. A calming oil scent to switch off from everyday to-dos & to let loose in must-have relaxing moments.


    Get yourself Voyage Maritime Essential Oil now and press a restart button on your day.

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