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Embrace Tranquility, Nurture Growth with Natural Aromatherapy

Explore Natural Scents for Enhanced Self-Awareness

       Embrace the journey of self-discovery, for it holds the key to boundless joy and fulfillment. Take time to delve into the depths of your being, and reflect on your thoughts, feelings, values, and strengths. This introspection will allow you to understand yourself more intimately and make choices that align with your true self. Our natural oil scents can serve as your guide on this journey by creating a soothing ambiance that nurtures self-reflection and growth. Allow our natural oil scents to be your companion as you uncover the beauty and wonder within.

What is Maréfleur by Essence & Sérénité®?

More than Essential Oils, It is a wellness Journey,

An invitation to a serene aromatic experience,

To find stillness, To be self-aware and fully present. 


 We aspire to elevate your self-reflection.

And, as you bloom into your dream self, 

let our centering scents infuse 

your journey with aromas that speak to your soul.

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Winter Essential Oils for Self-Improvement: Cozy Scents for a Tranquil Home

     Experience the warmth and inviting scents of our 100% natural essential oils, and let them transport you on a journey of self-improvement.  Imagine the crisp, woodsy aroma of Aiguille de Pin (Pine Needle)  filling your living room, or the soothing scent of Cèdre de l'Atlas (Cedarwood)  wafting through your bedroom. Allow the natural oil essences of Coin Tranquille (Tranquil Zone), Encens (Frankincense Serrata), Frankincense Carterii, Néroli, Refuge Serein (Serene Refuge), Sauge Sclarée (Clary Sage) and Ylang Ylang #3 to envelop your home and create a sanctuary of peace and tranquility.


     Shop now and elevate your winter experience with the comforting aromas of our essential oils, as you work towards a more peaceful and balanced mind and soul.


     The world nowadays is full of disturbance but I thank Essence et Sérénité for bringing me calmness and tranquility in life! I hope this essential oil will be known by many no just the brand itself but the inspiration it brings to its consumer. Get one or more and experience the same thing!

       Welcome to The Art of Scented Living by Maréfleur® blog. Here, we invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth as we delve into the world of aromatherapy. From diffusing essential oils to burning scented candles to exploring self-development topics, we will share tips and recommendations to help you create a personalized olfactory experience that supports your daily self-growth activities. Scented living is more than just creating a pleasant living environment, it is a powerful tool that can deepen your mindfulness journey and help you connect with your authentic self. We invite you to read our articles and share your thoughts with us.

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