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Chakra Couronne | Crown Chakra | Illuminating 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend

  • Chakra Couronne

    (Crown Chakra | Illuminating)


    Embrace Chakra Couronne or Crown Chakra, a transcendent essential oil blend designed to elevate your spiritual awareness and foster inner peace. This divine synergy combines the ancient wisdom of Frankincense, the soothing warmth of Ho Wood, and the uplifting citrus charm of Mandarin Orange.


    Align with the ethereal energy of the Crown Chakra, represented by the color violet and the element Spirit. Let the sacred sound of OM and the elevating properties of minerals like Amethyst and Clear Quartz guide your practice. Diffuse Chakra Couronne in your spiritual haven to nurture a deep connection with your intuition, awaken your spiritual focus, and invite wisdom and serenity into your life.

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