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Summr Collection
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      Set the tone for calming moments with the aroma of the serene, coastal paradise in Haiti. We have encapsulated the classic elements of summer to put together a collection that is a Reminder to Revive. The essence of Jakmel pools and oceans is present in our collection to let you unwind, relax, and re-begin. Our special scents remind you of the raw and natural aromas of the sea.


      Experience Jakmel™ reviving serenity at home without stepping a foot out! Order from our Jakmel™ Reviving Ocean Scents Collection today!

Rejuvenate with the Soothing Scents of

our Jakmel™ Ocean Scents

Sit back, relax and breath in our natural sea scents. Nature has the soothing quality to calm the storms we carry. This collection is a reminder to revive yourself and to move forward in your journey of wellness!

Marefleur Summer Collection Woman enjoying the scent

Our new summer collection carries the nostalgic journey of beach vacations, sunny outings, and sea water freshness.

Experience Voyage Maritime (Sea Travel), Vent Marin, and Marée Douce essential oils rejuvenating sea breeze.

Marefleur Summer Collection Woman holding the essential oil
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