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Pamplemousse Rose | Grapefruit Pink 100% Pure Essential Oil

  • Pamplemousse Rose

    (Grapefruit Pink)


    Delight in the refreshing world of Pamplemousse Rose (Grapefruit Pink) essential oil, a perfect companion for your self-development and aromatherapy practices. Revel in its fresh, invigorating, and sweet scent that lifts your spirits. As a top perfume note, it adds a vibrant, zesty touch to any blend.


    Integrate Pamplemousse Rose essential oil into your self-care rituals, whether it's energizing yoga, focused meditation, or a moment of relaxation, and experience a boost in your overall wellness. Let the lively scent of our Pamplemousse Rose oil guide your journey towards rejuvenation, balance, and a revitalizing aromatherapy experience.

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