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Vase d'Arôme White Ceramic Diffuser with Eau Douce Oil | Rebirth Set

  • Vase D'Arôme no. 1  White Ceramic Diffuser & Eau Douce (Fresh Water) 100% Natural Essential Oil Blend


    A breathtaking duo, Vase d’Arôme no.1 with Eau douce essential oil blend is all you need to start your rebirth journey with a splash of freshness. The refreshing aroma of the Eau Douce oil blend spreads across your space making it easier to unwind and reflect so you may give birth to new ideas to help you restart fresh.


    The rejuvenating scent of Eau Douce is a mixture of revitalizing aromas like Rose, Jasmine, Amyris, & Coriander Seed. Once diffused, it takes you on a Rebirth journey of a refreshing river that flows on its own calming route. Gift yourself or someone you care about the Duo Vase d’Arôme no.1 & Eau Douce oil blend.


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